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Print ads came to life!
Sound, video,
Boost your AD!
Print ads came ­      to life!
Sound, video,
Boost your AD!
Augmented reality has turned print ads upside dowm - they don't just watch them, they see them! A direct connection has been established with each customer!
Just call!
Leave your phone number and we will contact you!
Or you can call us yourself:
+7 (495) 677-9618
Figure out, how to boost your ad: you can add a video, 3D object, new text, a link to a website, a feedback button, an online game, or all of this togeter?
Bring you print to life easily in two steps:
Add all this thigs to your ad using our service!
Try it yourself:
Read QR by your smartphone camera, than aim your camera on dummy
Реклама печатается раз и навсегда, а интерактивное дополнение можно менять хоть каждый день!
Remember: print ads prints once for ever, but interactive AR you may change when ever you want!